Where Find Second Hand Designer Clothes Online

When it comes to shopping online for the latest fashions, there are many ways to find the second hand designer clothes you’re looking for at the best possible price. Various marketplaces exist, from Ebay to Postmark to personalised websites that act as vintage “closets,” online clothing stores operated by virtual entrepreneurs looking to sell second hand fashions online.

One of the easiest ways to find the second hand clothes you’re looking for online is to go down the “fashion rabbit hole.” You can explore the latest looks you like on second hand sites and related fashion stores that reflect your tastes and the kind of apparel you’re looking for. 

Here’s how the team at The Green Muse do it.

Discovering the Best Sites for Second Hand Fashions

We’re not just talking about any website here. Secondhand clothing isn’t always the latest trends, and you’re not always seeing designer labels, so knowing the sites that actually sell authentic second hand designer clothes (even if they’ve been previously owned) is the best course of action. 

Here’s a list of a few top sites you could use to begin your search:

  • Postmark
  • Ebay
  • ThredUp
  • ShopThrilling
  • PatagoniaWornWear
  • BeyondRetro
  • The Green Muse

Many of these sites have apps you can download directly to your phone for easy browsing and shopping on the go. They also have “save” features so you can bookmark the products that match what you’re looking for so you can come back and purchase them later when you’re ready.

Once you’ve found a few favorite sites that fit the aesthetic you’re looking for (and that sell the best possible second hand designer clothes matching your needs and tastes), you’ll be able to start “rabbit holing.” Most people with online stores know to put the name of the designer in the listing, so if you search for “Coach Crossbody,” for instance, it’s very likely you’ll find at least a few second hand items that fit your needs. 

You may also find some of the same sellers across sites, or even the same items across sites. One seller may list the same item for less on sites where they are itching to make their first or second sale and get feedback to build up their seller profiles, so you may be able to find the item you’re looking for at a lower price, even from the same seller. You can also use these websites to comparison shop. For instance, if you’re looking for a Chanel scarf, and are looking for second hand designer clothes, you could find a similar or the same year/pattern scarf for a few dollars less on another platform.

Searching and Success with Sellers

When shopping for second hand designer clothes, It’s important to look at the reviews of the sellers you’re buying from to make sure you’re not only going to get your fashions, but that you can expect authentic fashions for what you’re paying for. Most of us know by now how to look for fakes when it comes to certain brands. Good sellers know to include photos of appropriate tags, stitching and specific product features to ensure the product is up to standards and is authentic.

When possible, enable lowered price alerts, when stores you follow are giving discounts or when specific items may go on sale so you can get extra bargains. Savvy cross-platform shoppers download mobile apps and have these kinds of alerts ready, and are watching multiple items across the above-listed sites at any one time.

Once you have a steady stream of sites you’re monitoring, you can be sure you’ll find second hand designer clothes that work for you. Even if watching for price isn’t your objective, being able to find a rare item or an accessory that works for you is equally as possible if you watch stock and sales across sellers.

Ready to start shopping?

However, when it comes to tracking down your desired specific second hand designer clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags - it can quickly become a full time job. Scanning all the different apps regularly, it’s very time consuming. Which is why The Green Muse brings all those pieces together in one place for you.